• Frequently Asked Questions for Online Learners


    Enrollment: FAQs


    How do we apply/enroll?

    Enrollment at WA Online is accomplished through a completely online process. This begins with the submission of an online application.


    Can we sign-up for one class?

    Absolutely! Students have the option of enrolling in single courses.


    How do I choose my classes?

    Courses are chosen through the submission of a Course Selection Sheet. A new course selection sheet must be submitted before a student can access the learning platform. This form should be completed once a student has been notified of their acceptance.


    What are the requirements for the dual-enrollment program?

    1) Students must attend an accredited or locally-approved academic program within their local or regional jurisdiction abroad.


    2) Students must complete a minimum of six (6) approved credits within the WA Online dual-enrollment program course listing. Credits must include an upper-level English course, a U.S.-centric Social Studies course, and four (4) electives.


    3) Students shall not be allowed to receive original credit for courses previously completed for similar credit at their local school or school district. They must also graduate from their local school in good standing before completing and receiving recognition from WA Online.


    Academics: FAQs


    Do the assignments and quizzes have deadlines?

    WA Online is a hybrid, self-paced learning platform. The platform will reflect recommended due dates, but students will not be penalized for late submissions. The listed due dates are simply to help students pace themselves in order to complete the course in the given timeframe. All coursework must be completed no later than the “end of enrollment date” established during registration.


    Are there any restrictions regarding graduation?


    1) All students must complete the program’s coursework in its entirety prior to their 20th birthday in order to qualify for graduation.


    2) All coursework required for graduation must be submitted by June 1st of the current academic year, in order for the student to graduate and receive a diploma from WA that same June. If courses are not completed by June 1st, then students will receive an incomplete (I) and should request an extension. If the student successfully completes the incomplete coursework prior to August 31st, then the incomplete designation shall be replaced with the current grade and the student shall receive their diploma on December 1st.


    3) Any student who fails a required course for graduation in a core area must repeat the course at WA Online before the next course in the sequence may be taken. Failure in an elective course will not automatically dictate a make-up course. However, the course would have to be repeated if it is a prerequisite for another course the student wishes to take or if the student would not meet the graduation requirements for electives.


    What is the WA grading scale?

    • A. (93-100)

    • B. (85-92)

    • C. (75-84)

    • D. (70-74)

    • F. (below 70)


    Is it possible to receive an extension for my course?



    A course extension—a change to the student’s end of enrollment date—may be granted after a request from the student, student’s parent, or designated mentor is submitted via the extension process. Once a final grade report for a course is issued, students may not submit additional work for that course. Furthermore, no course enrollment period can extend beyond the original end date without an extension request. Each course includes a pacing guide with target due dates to help students manage their pacing. In addition, weekly reports and communication help ensure that students meet their target dates. If any coursework is not completed by the end of the semester, and no extension has been requested, the student shall receive a zero for each incomplete item, and those zeroes are included in the student’s average when final grades are calculated. Extensions may continue up to eight weeks beyond the original end date. Such extensions are granted for extenuating circumstances only and at the discretion of the school


    Can I drop a course?



    Asynchronous Courses: During the first 7-days of a student's enrollment into a Self-Paced course, students retain the right to drop and/or change a course without financial or academic penalty. Students must submit official documentation of this request on the WA Online website for this procedure to apply to the request.


    Can I re-take Quizzes and Exams?

    Yes, you can re-take Quizzes; however, you cannot re-take an Exam.

    • QUIZZES: Students will automatically be granted the ability to retake quizzes and exams one time (1 time).
    • ASSIGNMENTS: Students will not be allowed to resubmit or re-take assignments once the grade is assigned by the instructor.
    • EXAMS: Students will not be allowed to resubmit or re-take exams once the grade is assigned by the instructor or computer.





    If I need technical support assistance, who do I contact?

    Submit a ticket through Student Support Services.


    You should submit a ticket through Student Support for the following reason:

    • ALL Technical Issues
    • An issue with the Curriculum
    • An issue with an Assessment
    • Quiz/Exam Reset or Re-take Requests
    • Course Extension Requests
    • Course Add/Drop Requests
    • General Questions about the Program


    Which devices does the platform work on?

    For optimal performance, we recommend the following devices:

    • Desktop computers
    • Chromebook
    • iPad
    • Android tablet
    • Surface tablet


    Which operating systems does the platform work on?

    For optimal performance, we recommend the following operating systems:

    • Windows 10
    • Apple Mac OS X 10.14+

    • iOS version 13.3+ (Safari only)


    Which browsers does the platform work on?

    For optimal performance, we recommend the following operating systems:

    • Firefox

    • Chrome

    • Safari (Supported for iPads only)


    What operating system does the platform work on?

    For optimal performance, we recommend the following operating systems:

    • Windows 10
    • Apple Mac OS X 10.14+

    • iOS version 13.3+ (Safari only)


    What suggestions do you have if the platform is running slow?

    Clear your cache.


    You may need to clear your Cache: Often, systems, and browsers are updated to improve the overall performance of the user. From time to time, these updates require the user to clear or empty the browser's cache. The cache is where your temporary internet files are held. The information that is held in this temporary internet folder is anything that is downloaded onto your hard drive via the internet. When you empty the cache you clear all the information that has been gained from surfing or downloading on the net. In addition to allowing updates to be seen more quickly, clearing your cache increases your computer speed. Learning to clear your browser's cache will benefit you greatly.